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Brilliant Global Branding in Action!

Although global branding can be a huge obstacle for companies looking to expand internationally, a few have done an excellent job of maintaining their brand image throughout the globe.

Redbull – Redbull does a fantastic job expanding internationally, by hosting extreme sports events while promoting their product. Not only does this gain attention of their target market, but it also gets the country exposed to the “Redbull lifestyle.” In addition, Redbull maintains consistent unique packaging throughout each of their international markets.

Dunkin Donuts – Dunkin Donuts is near and dear to many here in the United States, but not many know that they have 3,100 stores in as many as 30 countries outside the US. While they may serve boston creme doughnuts here, they alter their recipes to serve to the tastes of each of their international locations. Some notable doughnuts for us were Lebanon's mango chocolate doughnut, Korea's grapefruit coolata doughnut, Russia's dunclairs, and China's dry pork and seaweed doughnuts.

Nike – Nike's careful selection of international sponsorships has gained them success globally. For instance, their partnership with Manchester United helped them achieve great popularity in the soccer market, as Manchester United is a beloved favorite of many Barclay's Premier League fans.

These three strategies got us thinking. Much like Porter's three generic options for strategic positioning, expanding internationally can be thought about in a similar way. For instance, companies like Redbull or Starbucks will maintain a consistent image throughout each of their global markets. With the help of heavy advertising, great success can be achieved! Other companies like Dunkin Donuts or Dominoes will change their product to meet the preferences of their target markets. Although their product is changed, they will still maintain their distinctive competencies. Lastly, companies like Nike will use local celebrity power to boost their brand. This is not to say there are not other ways to expand internationally! For example, H&M's secret to success is to improve their online experience.

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Lebanon has a population of 5 Million. It surprises me honestly how companies see a potential in this very small market and they still expand into it. Regardless, they did a smart decision cause the companies you mentioned, whether Redbull, Dunkin, or Nike, they are all doing a significant job there and they are highly demanded by the Lebanese.

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