Cryptocurrency for B2B eCommerce Payment

The term “cryptocurrency” refers to the encryption technique which is used to generate the currency and to verify the payments. Cryptocurrency supports “smart” self-executing contracts and used for a wide variety of applications. It uses decentralized technology and also allows anonymous payments. It does not have any physical representation like euros or dollars, and it […]

What You Can Learn From the Profile of a Modern B2B Customer

In order to promote your company and better reach your potential clients, you need to understand who they are. Here are five things that you should learn about a modern B2B customer in order to improve your marketing. Prefer to do their own research: Almost 90% of all B2B costumers prefer to do their own […]

How to refine your video marketing to attract B2B customers

Social media marketing has become a key section of the marketing industry. One type of popular social media marketing is video marketing. According to Google, 70% of B2B customers watch videos before they move forward with a purchase. B2B customers are different from B2C costumers. B2B customers don’t make personal decisions and buy on impulse, […]

B2B Marketing Tactics for Millenials

Millennials are the generation that was born between 1980 and 2000. The majority of this generation experienced the evolution of technology and social media platform. And when it comes to buying behavior, millennials are often relying on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and YouTube. As of 2017, the U.S. labor market consists of 35% millennials, […]

5 Ways to Reach Potential Customers for Your Business

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing. B2B marketing is mostly about getting introductions and building a long-lasting relationship. According to John Boitnott, a digital media consultant, and investor, there are 5 methods a business can use to help reach its potential business partners. Be a thoughtful leader: When a company chooses a business partner […]

AI in B2B

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the applications go beyond voice-activated electronics and self-driven cars. AI can be widely used in the B2B market, and the technology has been improved greatly in recent years. While it is important to have a brand persona and a plan to answer consumer searches accordingly, the most […]