How to refine your video marketing to attract B2B customers

Social media marketing has become a key section of the marketing industry. One type of popular social media marketing is video marketing. According to Google, 70% of B2B customers watch videos before they move forward with a purchase. B2B customers are different from B2C costumers. B2B customers don't make personal decisions and buy on impulse, instead, they make logic decisions that require a good amount of helpful information to form, and video marketing is a perfect tool for them to achieve this goal. Here are a few things a company can consider when it makes a marketing video.

Let the video show results: B2B customers care about how others use a product, but they don't care much about promises. A company can use case studies to show the customers that their products have already lead to concrete results and improvement in performance.

Social proof: 84% of B2B decisions start with referrals. People are more likely to make a decision when they have seen other people making the same decisions. Even though this method is not always approachable, studies show that media such as video and images can boost your social proof.

Eliminate the salesperson: Most B2B costumers prefer to do their own research in order to avoid interactions with a salesperson because B2B costumers want to get information, not a sales pitch. A company that considers video marketing should keep this concept in mind and show its product or service in actions.

Make your video shareable: 3 out of 4 B2B buyers would talk about a purchase via social media with their peers before they make a decision. If your video is shareable, it is more likely for it to reach a larger pool of potential customers.

Convey emotion: Tell a story in your video that conveys emotions that could potentially alter your customers' decision-making process. Here's a great example of this concept:

A fresh take: You don't always need to follow protocols when making a video. You can try to think outside the box and come up with new approaches. For example, your video can be funny, heroic, or simply tells a story.