International Marketing Channels

What is an International Marketing Channel?

An international marketing channel is the channel used in order for a firm to get the message of their product or services to foreign consumers. Because marketing is an interdependent process, this may extend the length of the marketing channel as there may be more intermediaries necessary to accomplish the goal. The manufacturer and consumer of the same product may be in the same country or in different countries, but the same process is otherwise followed through, in terms of marketing. However, there are many more factors to consider when entering an international market.

“International marketing involves coordinating the firm’s marketing activities in more than one nation.”

Deciding which channel to use on an international scale is a very important decision that must take many factors into consideration. Just as a dometic strategy, a company must choose an international marketing strategy based on which channel will deliver their content in the most suitable fashion. Heavy research should be conducted in order to select the right country or region for your company to expand into. After finding a market that can receive your message well, then marketer’s can focus on how best to deliver the message. The marketer must be clear on the message the company wants to convey, and the obstacles that may impede the delivery of this message.

  • Be aware of the Culture

It is important to be aware of the consumer culture of the market your company is entering. A common misconception in the marketing practice is that the country a company originates is the correct or master way of doing things, therefore they base all their decisions on that way that company operates. Having experts from the chosen market come in and help with the strategy will ensure a more successful delivery of the company’s marketing message. They will be more familiar with things that may offend customers or things that will not translate over well. They will also connect better with the consumers and know how they receive content. It is vital to the success of the message that is it understood the way it was meant and that it actually reaches customers.  

  • Be aware of the Market

Some markets are not as advanced as others, therefore making it a challenge for firm’s to deliver their message in the most suitable way. For example, a less developed country will not do well with email marketing if the Internet or computers are not commonly used or necessary within the market. It is important to consider the market when deciding where to expany a company. Whereas email marketing may work in one market, social media marketing may work better in another. Each region has different norms and behaviors when it comes to marketing messages. It is important to understand the environment wholly before committing a large investment in a chosen strategy.

How to move forward?

Develop a custom marketing strategy

Simply translating one message from language to language is not an effective way of marketing globally. Your efforts in a foreign market must be consistent with the domestic efforts. Customizing a strategy to ensure your company goals and objectives are met is the first step. Questions such as “What is our message? What are we looking to achieve?” should be answered prior to selecting a channel. It is important to keep an open mind about adjusting dometic efforts to make them work internationally. Speak to the needs of people in the market chosen and tailor the message to them.

Cultural dimensions always change, therefore it is important to stay on top of all the markets your company is in or may want to enter. How people receive your content will be the determining factor on if they will purchase it or not. Being culturally aware is a big step in finding the best way to deliver your content to an international audience.