What Movie Marketers Can Teach Us About Social Media

Today’s top movie studio executives use a four-lever approach to predict the success of a film: capability, marketability, playability, and buzzability. These pillars look to previous trends to indicate how a given project will perform—and what audiences may seek it out. Although movie marketing is a much lengthier (and costlier) process than planning an Instagram […]

The Role of Augmented Reality in Social Media Marketing

Over the past several years, marketers have discovered the value of integrating augmented reality (AR) technology into their social media strategies. From Pokémon GO and Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram—AR has quickly shifted from a novel development to an entirely standard feature on most mobile social media platforms. As a brand manager, you may be […]

Spotify’s Role in the Social Media Landscape

In today’s moment, social media users are inundated scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. Chances are, your brand won’t break the noise. If you’re willing to get creative, the solution may be Spotify. The music streaming platform is quickly—and discreetly—becoming a sophisticated advertising space. The service has 286 million users worldwide and can […]

2020 Social Media Marketing Trends

A study by SurveyMonkey and Hubspot discovered that social media trends seemed to match across regions, likely due to the globalizing effect of the internet. Here are four global social media trends to pay attention to this year. 1. Short-lived content will continue gaining popularity Ephemeral content, like stories, have been a huge social media […]

How to Create Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement comes from interactions with your social media account. They include reactions, follows, shares, comments, or click-thru’s. These metrics are key ways to gauge the impact of content marketing and drive long-term brand favorability. A clever comparison by Hootsuite labels companies as either a “soap box” or “dinner party.” Soap box brands have […]

How To Set Up International Social Media in 4 Steps

1. Choosing Social Media Platforms The popular social media sites in your country may not have the same market share in other countries. As of January 2020, the most popular social media platform around the world was Facebook, with 2.5 billion users. However, if you plan to enter China, QZone is an important platform to […]

TikTok: The Next Frontier of Global Marketing

TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing social media platform, seemingly exploded out of nowhere. The app currently has over 2 billion users worldwide, 60% of which are between 13-24 years old. And yet, TikTok is only being used by 4% of social media marketers. There is a reason brands are apprehensive to enter this massive digital space. […]

Considerations for your Global Social Media Strategy

So, you’ve decided to take your brand global—congratulations! Before you begin, consider the following question: Should you manage a global account or pursue a localization strategy? The answer is likely a bit of both. The Appeal of Global Branding “As more and more companies come to view the entire world as their market, brand builders […]