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Spotify’s Role in the Social Media Landscape

In today's moment, social media users are inundated scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. Chances are, your brand won't break the noise. If you're willing to get creative, the solution may be Spotify.

The music streaming platform is quickly—and discreetly—becoming a sophisticated advertising space. The service has 286 million users worldwide and can provide deep access to user behavior and insights. Here are a few techniques to consider:

Branded Playlists

Most Spotify users found their way to the platform in the pursuit of:

  1. Music and podcasts they already love
  2. Recommendations for new content, based on their unique taste

The platform is known for its remarkable ability to provide a constant, daily stream of curated content for every individual. You, too, can create the feeling of a personalized experience by organizing playlists that capture themes associated with your brand.

The beauty brand Glossier operates 30 playlists for 17,000+ Spotify followers

The COVID-19 moment illustrates the value of this strategy. At this time, people may not have the desire or disposable income to make nonessential purchases. Providing a comforting Spotify playlist is one of the easiest ways for your brand to preserve a positive relationship with your audience—and unlike traditional advertising, it's virtually free to do.

The rise of “Work from Home” playlists and livestreamed content

Targeted Advertising

For a more standard advertising approach, your brand can create and manage ads through Spotify Ad Studio. The self-service platform allows creators to:

  • Build an audio campaign in ten minutes
  • Forecast impressions based on your target audience
  • Track and manage the results of your campaign

These advertisements are served to Spotify's free subscription listeners (approx. 100 million users) in between songs. Like a traditional marketing approach, you can choose to direct your advertisement to a specific age, gender, location, genre listener, or device. These ads begin at $250.

The Podcast Revolution

In the past years, Spotify pledged to invest $500 million in podcasting. If your brand has an existing podcast or the resources (and a reason) to create one, this is a great way to leverage Spotify's technical capabilities and wide audience reach.

To Review

Start simple. Create a Spotify profile for your brand and experiment with playlists. If your target audience engages, Spotify may be your new path to success!

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Very interesting post. Spotify and other music streaming platforms have definitely changed the social media landscape and advertising. The ability to fine tune their algorithm to provide relevant content is intriguing as well. It makes you wonder how radio stations will evolve to address competition from these new services.

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