What Niccolò Machiavelli can tell us about Netflix

“There is a revolution happening, and within two years I think that Netflix will be built into all the televisions.” – Reed Hastings, Cofounder and CEO of Netflix Inc Netflix Inc. started as DVD-by-mail service in 1998 and now is the leading worldwide provider of film and television. In recent years, Netflix has expanded to […]

Marketing Mix in Sport

A first-rate promotional strategy is integral first step to any successful industry focused marketing campaign. Knowing what is the right what, when, and where to present and expose a product is a vital skill. Vital to this business model is the concept known as the “Marketing Mix”. The “Marketing Mix” describes the multifaceted processes which […]

How Tesla’s short-lived car dealerships revolutionized the car buying experience

Yes, we’ve heard the news, Tesla is closing down all of their innovative car dealerships, and going entirely online for sales, sidestepping the traditional “test drive”. There is quite the major shakeup happing at Tesla cutting back costs and reducing the price of the Model 3, but those Tesla dealerships, so emblematic from Paris to […]

Alita: Battle Angel vs What Men Want, in the International Market

What movies should invest for a return in international markets? The film industry, with each movie, essentially is like any individual company asking themselves that same question. One of the biggest, is there a demand for this product in other countries? As we look at the past weekends box office numbers, we can see reinforcing […]