Global Marketing

Warby Parker in India

Warby Parker is an American sunglasses that was founded in 2010 which primarily sells prescription glasses through online retail, but also has retail locations in the United States and Canada. Warby Parker uses a “Home Try On” program which allows customers to select five different frames from the website and try each frame out for five days prior to purchasing the glasses which provides the customer with a much higher satisfaction rate after the purchase has been made. It also developed a virtual try-on reality app to help show its users how the glasses would look on it on their face. Many consumers also view the company as and affordable and “trendy” new style to wearing eyewear.  Using its retail model, the company has expanded internationally and is now considering entering the country India.

India has a very large population of 1.3 billion which makes it second most populated country in the world.  India has a big economy and according to forecast, India's Gross Domestic Product  is suppose to be 3,958 billion US dollars by 2025. This high GDP forecast presents a great opportunity for growth across all consumer products.

Warby Parker in near future should enter the Indian market of spectacles. Low price spectacles will attract a lot of customers in India. Warby Parker will have a great demand in India as almost 232 million people wear spectacles. Warby Parker should enter India as a western company as people in India tend to follow Faison of western countries. Warby Parker has two competitors in India, Titan Eye Plus and Lensecart. Titan Eye Plus is a company that works as a retailer for a lot of luxury brands and also has its brand called Titan spectacles. Titan sells spectacles for a premium price and has been in the business for 14 years. Lensecart has a similar business model as Warby Parker. They manufacture and distribute low price spectacles through eCommerce and their stores. Warby Parker can stick to its business model and have both in-store and eCommerce platforms to sell spectacles. A good way to get the attention of Indian customers is to start a charity campaign for farmers and for people who are below the poverty line. As India is an agricultural country people have a soft side for farmers. There is high corruption in India, Warby Parker should keep their image clean by not involving politicians in charity campaigns.