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2040 Olympic Games – Argentina

The committee for the 2040 Olympics has finalized its location selection and has chosen Buenos Aires, Argentina, hypothetically speaking.  Before the committee starts to work on its infrastructure and development of where and how each sport will be played, it must consider many different strategies on how to try and make it the best Olympic games ever although it is nearly 20 years away.

The committee should first consider how the Olympics played out in Argentina’s neighboring country, Brazil in 2016 and learn from its mistakes, especially the logistics and travel to the olympic park.  Many spectators, although they had purchased tickets, did not have the opportunity to attend the actual events due to significant travel issues such as no public transportation and relied heavily on Uber during high traffic hours.

When considering Buenos Aires, it is important for the committee to understand these mistakes and not let this happen again, especially in South America for a second time.  The committee should really put an emphasis on building its park as close as possible to a subway or metro to make the events easily accessible and enjoyable.  This will also benefit tourists too that may want to explore Buenos Aires and not ultimately spend all of his or her time in a vehicle trying to get from point A to point B.

It is also important to understand that Argentina’s society has large inequalities throughout its class.  The committee should understand this power distance and make tickets affordable to all classes so all locals may enjoy the phenomenon, not just the tourists and the wealthy.  The committee should really understand this separation and market the olympics to all classes in society.  Ticket bundles could be a huge success to make these events more affordable and enjoyable for families as Argentina is known to be a very loyal country in support of its families so family gatherings could be a common theme for the locals.  

The culture in Argentina is also one where citizens like to enjoy themselves and have fun.  The olympics can be a great opportunity for both locals and tourists to mesh and come together for one unique event for all if constructed properly and ultimately affordable for all classes of society.  In a country built off great respect for traditions, the Olympic tradition should thrive in Buenos Aires and be a huge success if all of these conditions are met.