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In terms of global marketing channels, UPS is one of the most influential logistics services companies globally. They have provided useful third-party logistic management for many companies around the world. The Internet has also allowed UPS to leverage its core capabilities as an efficient logistics service because eCommerce sales have recently grown significantly. Their global marketing channels are significant because they reach over 800 companies globally in over 120 countries. UPS also has more than 1,000 global distribution centers. Their global marketing channels have reached a lot of customers because they have experience with a variety of companies in many different industries including but not limited to healthcare, technology, and retail.

UPS’ algorithm ORION (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation) has allowed them to optimize their global marketing channels to create maximum value for their customers as well as their employees. Through process management, this algorithm allows drivers to complete their routes using the shortest distance. This has reduced their company costs significantly as well as saved many gallons of fuel for their vehicles. As this company continues to improve its logistics system, their newest innovations help not only their company, but also the companies that partner with them.

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As a result, if these companies see more efficient results for their product deliveries due to higher customer satisfaction, then UPS can invest in their technologies more and increase their global marketing channel capacity to more regions around the world. UPS has worked on other features of this algorithm that involves utilizing real-time data to predict poor weather or other similar route delays.

Their global marketing channels are unique because their route optimization through reducing the number of seconds from a route has the potential of saving the company millions. Their global marketing channels are also interesting because their brand helps retailers, eCommerce brands, as well as suppliers around the world to deliver their products to other businesses or customers.

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