Global Marketing

That “at home” feeling…

 Often times we become comfortable when visiting a chain-goods store. Every Target and Walmart feel similar in that you could tell where the electronics center was at the back-middle of the store. What looks random is often well planned and is definitely going to make you feel at home. So, what does “home” look like for other cultures around the world? I look to China, a country that has proven very different from America, to identify our friends abroad shopping experience. China's culture differs from that of America in that they eat different foods and drink different beer. Both countries enjoy celebrating and organize in large groups and shop for occasions accordingly. Wal-Mart in China struggled initially, bringing American culture to the east, later finding success in localization.

According to the article by Business Insider, we can see the vast difference between U.S. Walmart and those in China.  Walmart could be perceived as a great value store, but others know Walmart as an interesting place to shop. Often associated with low-income shoppers, Walmart in China carries high-end goods. Walmart initially brought over a cheap goods store to China. The problem was that shoppers in China expected a higher quality of foreign goods. China is a country that always has great value products, and those who turned to foreign stores like Walmart carried high expectations. The irony being Walmart went overseas to build an opposite business model.

The Walmarts in China offer fresh, live fish, large animal cuts, and other unique goods. It is quite impressive the products they offer. Walmart has also found success in its App in China. Walmart encourages users and shoppers to utilize the app to purchase special goods and services. Online and in-app purchases can help increase sales and the interaction between the consumer and the company, similar to that of membership.