Global Marketing

Starbucks Retail Experience

Starbucks started out in Seattle Washington as a small business making a decent cup of coffee. Today,  they are a force to be reckoned with, for other coffee shops and retailers worldwide. Starbucks is not only a coffee company but a retailer that has the ability to sell coffee on every block. As many customers realize, not all Starbucks are the same. Some are relaxed and have a great atmosphere to stay and work on a laptop. Others are busy and may even be primarily a drive-thru. Starbucks has adapted their retail experience for their domestic customers but also for the many foreign locations worldwide. In 2020 it was reported that the number of international locations outnumbered the U.S. since 2019.

This news makes is an amazing milestone for Starbucks as they have truly become an international brand. The world is bigger than the U.S. and we see the number reflect that. How has Starbucks become so successful overseas? According to an article by the balance small business, Starbucks has taken an understanding approach.

They have clearly done their research on the cultures and dynamics of each country. Coffee has some addictive properties that help Starbucks sell in the volume that they do. However, further researching countries and the people of that country have benefited other companies over the years. Our research and experience has shown that foreigners often prefer coffee in a different style setting. Sitting and drinking takes time and that is adverse to U.S. preferences. Coffee time is down-time for those in France, which my colleagues and class have posted a blog on before, I have listed a link below. In Japan, Starbucks drinks are more similar to the U.S. fast-paced stores. Japan has other competitors that provide the unique experience some of the European Starbucks provides. This data also differs from city to city as the need for coffee and how it is consumed tend to vary.