Push vs. Pull Marketing

Push vs. Pull Marketing

What is Push Marketing?

Push marketing is a promotional strategy firms use to drive or ‘push' their products and services to the customer. Often there is a third-party firm involved to gain exposure. Common sales tactics include; email, social media, direct mail, print and broadcast. Push marketing is more short-term focused and looks for immediate sales.

Example of Push Marketing

In the context of retailing, an example of push marketing can be seen in retail stores that highlight a particular product. The product manufacturers offer sales incentives or discounts to the retail stores for pushing its products onto customers. This method is beneficial for new brands or for established brands that are expanding their products as there is a need for consumer exposure.

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull marketing is a promotional strategy used to get consumers to come to you. Demand is driven or ‘pulled' by the consumer rather than the vendor. Common sales tactics used for pull marketing include; word-of-mouth, referrals, and advertised sales promotions. Pull marketing is more long-term focused. Firms look to create brand loyalty with the consumer.

Example of Pull Marketing

In the context of retailing, an example of pull marketing is in cosmetics or beauty goods. Initially, the manufacturer advertises the product through various channels. As the advertisement gains traction, retailers pick it up and people begin to purchase the product. Increased demand creates organic, word-of-mouth marketing- resulting in the consumer doing the work for the company.

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