The Marketing Super Bundle That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

As we mentioned in our previous posts, digital marketing is a relatively new and progressive channel of marketing. One of the main sources of digital marketing that allows people to access millions of audience members is through email marketing in particular, and MailChimp is offering a way for users to become well versed in this practice. MailChimp’s team has come up with a set of  9 courses, or 57 hours, of instruction to get users well versed in Digital Marketing. The course sheds light on how the different distribution channels can drastically expand users’ marketing skills for their respective businesses. This product in particular emphasises learning “how to build your brand with the world’s largest automated platform.”

One of today’s trends, particularly with younger generations, is convenience. People can turn to the internet for quick information at ease, and they like it this way. MailChimp has recognized this and has remained in line with it, as users are able to learn while in the convenience of their own homes, on their own time.

What's Included?

This course in particular is quite comprehensive,  diving into many different aspects of digital marketing including:

Facebook Ads

The most important and widespread medium of advertising is through the Facebook platform. It is so important that experts have studied it to a science, and it is now available through this online bundle. In this section, you can learn how to create your own Facebook Ad, and optimize it to create conversations and lower costs, all of which are successful aspects of running a successful digital marketing campaign.

Google Adwords

We all use Google as our primary search engine to find new products or to answer any questions we have, which is why knowing how to use Google and optimize its Adwords is a vital marketing tool. This course will have you set up your own Adwords account from scratch, use keywords to your advantage, and learn how to navigate around the system, ultimately teaching you how to use keywords to strengthen your advertising campaign.

The remaining lessons include a retargeting & remarketing guide, a lesson on building the perfect SEO-optimized wordpress website, the complete SEO & Blacklink Mastery Course, and even a course that deals with Amazon website traffic for marketers and consumers.

As you can see, this course ranges for people who simply want to brush up and learn a few new tricks to people who want to completely dive in to the digital marketing world. MailChimp recognizes how valuable this will be for its users, and is likely anticipating a high demand for product, as it is charging only $37 for the course on

Furthermore, they are providing lifetime access and revising content with the changing times, so that skills will remain  up-to-date. Additionally, users will be exposed to specific MailChimp strategies straight from experts. All the while, they are discovering how to optimize content, build email lists, and other necessary email marketing skills. There is also a platform for users to ask questions, to which instructors will respond.

Products like this are increasingly important in this digital age, providing users with a better understanding of how to run a business through key metrics on this platform.

You can find this Super Bundle and more information here.