Lessons From Nike’s Global Success

Nike is a multi-billion dollar company dealing in the design, marketing and distribution of sports apparel. Nike was humbly established in 1972 and has grown to be a dominating athletic brand in the sports industry. From shoes to eyewear, Nike has established itself as an innovative and diverse sportswear company. With over 700 stores globally […]

Why Starbucks​ retreated from Australi​a

When Starbucks was setting up shops in Australia, it had a long list of massive expectations. Any random person can tell why Starbucks’ massive aspiration endured a turn in tables. When ordering for coffee, Australians expect a delicious creamy latte or long black coffee, not a significantly flavored swill.  While Starbucks café resides in almost […]

The Tiger Effect: What It Can Do For A Brand

As a vehicle to differentiation and aspirational status, retail brands often pay a premium on sponsorships and endorsements of international athletes. Few do it on the scale of American Sportswear company, Nike. Nike has track record of renowned collection of global endorsers, including; Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar […]

Emerging markets & the global e-commerce landscape

Emerging markets have been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. E-commerce has enabled the idea of a global market for sellers and buyers a like. As retail in developed markets becomes saturated, furthermore, more favorable government regulations, these new frontiers prove to be lucrative opportunities for e-commerce growth. According to a report […]

Omni-channel retailing

To begin, let us define Omni-channel retailing. Omni-channel retailing is: a fully-integrated approach to commerce that provides shoppers a unified experience across online and offline channels. In short, Omni-channel retailing is having multiple ‘touch-points’ with consumers. Retailers seek to reach consumers on a multitude of platforms as there added benefits for retailers to have an expanded relationship […]

Online Retailers Shift To Brick-and-Mortar

Retail today is rapidly changing and evolving. Technology has transformed consumers’ preferences and behaviors, as well the tactics retailers use to effectively capture consumers. Communication of brand is key for retailers today in the pursuit of creating a loyal customer base. Many of the leading consumer brands today had their start online. This strategy has […]