Global Marketing

Popular International Social Media Platforms Your Business Can’t Afford to Pass Up!

Did you know that over 76% of businesses use social media to advertise their business? However, not many international businesses are taking advantage of popular social media channels outside of their own region. If you are working for a global company, consider expanding your social media usage to other region-specific platforms in order to boost your international social media presence.

For example, China has created multiple social media websites such as Sina Weibo and Renren since Facebook is banned. Sina Weibo is similar to Twitter in the sense that it is a “microblogging” platform and is heavily used by Chinese celebrities. They have over 368 million registered users and the top public figures on the site boast millions of followers. However, the social media platform does have to abide by China’s strict censorship laws and many keywords are banned. A global business can take advantage of the Sina Weibo platform by utilizing an influencer strategy. They can partner with popular accounts of Sina Weibo to promote their product to a Chinese audience.

RenRen is another popular Chinese social media platform that looks and feels extremely similar to Facebook. Users earn “points” for liking, commenting, and sharing on the platforms which can be redeemed for special emojis and profile backgrounds. Businesses can utilize RenRen in a similar way that they promote their products on Facebook by interacting with customers and try to create engagement on their profile.

Because Russia has the highest social media usage rate in the world, over twice the global average usage, it is a market not to pass over when creating your social media strategy. The most popular social media site is Vkontakte, which is another clone of Facebook but has much more market share in Russia. Vkontakte is unique in the fact that users can post music or movies, which can explain the high usage of the site. Russians use Vkontakte as more of a media streaming platform rather than a place to share updates with friends. Businesses can buy advertising space on the social network in order to increase their awareness in Russia.

Orkut is the most popular social network in Latin America and is the most popular in the country of Brazil. On Orkut, people can create their own chatboards similar to Reddit or Quora. A business can take advantage of the discussion platform by creating threads that talk about the product or service. This platform is a great way a business to get feedback from customers about their product and to spark a conversation about their company.

It is important as a global business to be aware of the different social networks that are popular around the world and to branch out beyond the US popular platforms. Leave a comment below if you know of or use any other international social media platforms!