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New Creative Director Changes Burberry

Burberry has been a brand well known around the world as a high end designer brand. For the past 17 years, Christopher Bailey had been the creative director. However, effective March 31, 2018, Bailey will no longer be the creative director. Burberry took this as a window for more opportunity to improve their megabrand globally and restructure their strategy and target market. With this being said, Burberry’s chief executive, Marco Gobetti, hired a new creative director named Riccardo Tisci who was known for “resurrecting” the brand Givenchy. His creative vision will reposition Burberry’s brand image and position it to be complete luxury.

Burberry has previously been known as a luxury brand more for the older generation. Its products were mostly more conservative and more classic and basic. The pattern was the same with not many changes. With Tisci joining the team, Burberry is planning to change their global strategy as a whole. They want to change designs to be more contemporary and implement his skill sets to blend streetwear with high luxury fashion, which is what he is known for.

Gobetti and Tisci have a three year plan to elevate the Burberry brand and change their strategy to position Burberry tightly in the luxury category competing with the biggest brand names. The strategy includes uplifting the leather goods that Burberry uses, to create new collections that are fresh and appealing to a wider market, tighten their relationship with their distribution channels, make their stores more appealing to walk in to and catch your eye, and to better communicate with the public about their products and create a newness that grasps the attention. They want consumers to think “I have got to have this.” The whole product and customer experience has to be improved upon and updated.

Burberry has already started to take measures to redesign their products by incorporating streetwear to their Spring/Summer 2018 collection by partnering up with skater-inspired label Gosha Rubchinskiy. This will be the start of Tisci’s project at Burberry. Adding the streetwear high-end designs will likely boost global sales by about 5% this year which is a dramatic need to Burberry. Also, Tisci has a large following base and many connections with celebrities such as the Kardashians who can help create an increasing want and need for the brand.

Burberry is following the footsteps that Gucci took when redesigning their brand. They hope that by following Gucci’s footsteps, they will be able to get a similar reaction that Gucci received and to do so, they will be launching new campaigns and collections to showcase their new moves. They plan to reach a wider consumer base network and redesign the store layout.