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Netflix’ Winning Social Media Strategy

By Niharika and Gabby

Since 1997, when Netflix officially launched, a lot has changed: we use the internet every day, social media has consumed most people, Alexa does everything for us, and we have cars that can drive themselves. The movie industry is just as different now. 

The well-deserved success Netflix has gained in the past few years has been accelerated by their outstanding social media strategy. Netflix hired TV and movie buffs who were passionate about sci-fi or comedy, two key target areas for Netflix. They had backgrounds in marketing, journalism, PR, and entertainment, and varied in age. The team averages about three posts per day on Twitter and Instagram. Each platform has dedicated team members.

What’s even more interesting is that they have different strategies for each social media platform.

 On Facebook, you’ll find a lot of videos from movies or shows. With more than 75 million likes, Netflix runs multiple regional accounts. This is really interesting because splitting the content into regions helps them share only the most relevant content for each country, targeting the right audience.

On Instagram, their content is pretty similar to what you find on Facebook, which means a mix of everything. Their team is a big fan of carousels and it shows. Carousels assist social content managers in generating engagement, increasing likes and followers. Additionally, they utilize the platform to create interesting, easily shareable content. This is a big reason why Netflix is doing so well.

Twitter has become their main meme page. While also promoting shows and movies with short clips, their meme page is another easy way to create viral content. Netflix’s social media accounts have become meme accounts. But in this century, memes are a new language, so this is no surprise. Netflix's Twitter strategy, which has also been making its way across other platforms, implements humor while also promoting their content at the right moments.

 Netflix is also excellent when it comes to social media campaigns. A more recent one, “One Story Away”, was launched in 27 countries and it celebrates the power of storytelling. The purpose? To inspire people. Winning their fans with a sweet video montage with scenes from some of their original shows, this campaign is a way to remember that we all have to be united, especially in these rough times. Another great campaign was April Feels Day which launched right at the moment of a global lockdown, Netflix reminded us to spend some quality time with ourselves, to clear our minds, and to watch some of their content. When Netflix shows and movies started to spark conversations about mental health, they immediately took action. The 13 Reasons Why campaign is meant to prevent unwanted things and to inspire young people to seek help if needed.

Most recently, Netflix has showed support for the Black Lives Matter Movement, tweeting and posting across their platforms as a representation of their beliefs as an company and displaying that to their widespread audience.

With Netflix’ breadth of content and independence when it  comes to their growth strategies, it is no wonder they have taken the same approach to their social media strategy. Curating content and television shows to their global audience has been a big reason why they have been so successful. The biggest sources of their success have been fan engagement and listening to their audience. Both of these are keys to success when creating a social media strategy that represents the brand. 

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