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Mobilizing International Market Communications to Promote “Our Moment”

Digital marketing consultant Josian Phillips describes social media as “an easily accessible platform for brands to communicate with massive global audiences, without the need for spending on television advertisements or local press.”  Accordingly, social media has become the most prevalent channel for marketing communications in recent years.  Indeed, organizations and brands of all kinds utilize social media to convey messages to their consumer bases, and pop band One Direction is no exception.

The band has capitalized on its exceptional popularity to become a full-fledged brand, offering an array of One Direction-themed merchandise from apparel to school supplies to perfume.  Here we will discuss One Direction’s first perfume, called “Our Moment,” and how the band employed social media and other forms of market communication to promote this product to millions of followers worldwide.

One Direction began its promotion of “Our Moment” by posting three photos on Twitter (shown below) that provided minimal glimpses of the perfume bottle.  The captions were written in English, and although much of One Direction’s international fanbase does not speak English, these photos were vague enough to engender universal curiosity, garnering tens of thousands of retweets and likes.

Two hours afterward, One Direction posted an image on Twitter (shown below) of the entire perfume bottle, as well as its box packaging.  The box deliberately features the faces of all the One Direction members.  Hence, even if the fans do not wear perfume, they would be attracted to this product simply because it is associated with their favorite band.

Later this same day, One Direction held an exclusive party for “Our Moment” at the top of London’s famous skyscraper, The Gherkin.  Photos of the event and interviews with the members of One Direction were subsequently released through pertinent magazines and websites – including Cosmopolitan and Hello! – creating excitement among fans about the high quality of the perfume.

This excitement was further fueled upon the official launch of “Our Moment.”  In England, the perfume was introduced at Harrods, which is touted as “The World’s Leading Luxury Department Store.”  The “Our Moment” displays at Harrods were supplemented with cardboard cutouts of the members of One Direction, as well as quotes from the members regarding their favorite ingredients in the perfume.  In the United States, the perfume was introduced at Macy’s.  In celebration, Macy’s hosted a nationwide One Direction music takeover.  Fans thoroughly appreciated Harrods and Macy’s initiatives and shared their experiences on social media (examples of which are shown below), thereby expanding the reach of the market communications for “Our Moment.”

Additionally, One Direction released a video advertisement for “Our Moment” via YouTube (shown below).  Choosing YouTube allowed fans in numerous corners of the globe to watch the advertisement, regardless of whether they had access to cable television.  Moreover, this video eschews dialogue in favor of highlighting the One Direction members’ endearing antics, which ensured that fans from any country could understand and enjoy it.  One Direction’s purposeful market communications ultimately prompted the immense success and positive critical reception of “Our Moment.”


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