Global Marketing

McDonalds’ Global Branding

Global branding attempts to showcase a consistent identity with consumers across the world, often adding value in consumers eyes because of its global presence. There are a variety of reasons why consumers in different markets value a company, those being:

  • History
  • —Competitive climate
  • Marketing support
  • —Cultural receptivity to brands
  • Product category penetration

Often, global branding is most successful when a company can integrate and customize their offerings to their various markets, while maintaining visibility of their name brand that has made it successful thus far. 

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable companies when it comes to instituting global branding successfully. As mentioned in class, McDonald’s is king of creating custom menu offerings that allow them to compete with local chains and penetrate the fast food market. This occurs all while maintaining the ever-famous golden arches brand. 

However, when going global, McDonald’s made sure that they would maintain their famous core menu offerings including: McFlurry, McNuggets, McChicken, Happy Meal or Filet-O-Fish as part of their standardization efforts. 

To support their efforts across seas, they would need to implement marketing strategies to support their brand and adapt it to the environment. In the United States for example McDonald’s spends a hefty amount on new product trials and innovation as well as advertising typically skewed to children in the United States, where McDonald’s produces about 250 ads annually. In contrast, when entering Japan, the company’s ad campaigns were widely different. The Japanese ads are focused on adults as well as children, with some features that are unique to the locale’s culture, (Racoma, 2019).

(Anime Advertising in Japan)

The company also implements product tests and experimentation across countries through the addition or removal of food items based on local trends and popularity among consumers.

For example, in the U.S. McDonald’s offers McRibs for a limited time. In Japan, the Teri Tama Burger is a spring menu item while the Tsukimi Burger is offered in autumn, (Racoma, 2019).

(Menu differentiations in Japan)