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McDonald’s and KFC help Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine started a week ago, and countries and corporations have been trying their best to help the country. McDonald's and KFC are helping by feeding soldiers and civilians in Ukraine during the attack. Mcdonald's has 108 locations in Ukraine, and KFC has 48. Both corporations had shut their doors when the invasion started on February 24th. However, the chains announced they'd donate food to Ukrainians in need. The restaurant seating is closed, but the kitchens are open to distribute ingredients and ready-made meals. McDonald's and KFC give the Ukrainian military, hospitals, and civilians food. 

Mcdonalds' in Ukraine posted to its Instagram account that it is working with local councils to disburse food to those who need it. The ingredients and foods that are being distributed do not need to be cooked, including rolls, donuts, desserts, cheese, milk, water, juices, tomatoes, apple slices, and eggs. McDonald's also donates necessities like glasses, forks, and spoons. 

KFC in Ukraine also posted to its Instagram showing its open kitchens preparing the food. KFC supplies chicken sandwiches and buckets of fried chicken to the military and the hospitals. The corporation also announced other restaurant businesses across Ukraine to open their kitchens and donate food to those in need.

However, both chains are still open and operating at their locations in Russia. The chains received backlash on social media because they have not made any announcements about changing their operations in the country. 

Other businesses in the hospitality industry have also jumped into action to do what they can to help Ukraine. The nonprofit food relief organization, World Central Kitchen, was on the ground in Poland within hours of the invasion starting. The nonprofit is currently set up at a “24-hour pedestrian border crossing” in Poland, and they feed thousands of people from Ukraine. In the first 18 hours that the organization was there, they served over 4,000 meals. The restaurant industry and hospitality industry are helping Ukraine because it helps them create a better branding image. Assisting the country and standing for humanity is also essential to them.