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Luxury Brand Marketing in China

Luxury brands are popular all over the world. This is no different in China, a huge market that is particularly interested in these luxury items. As Forbes reports, “Chinese customers already make up 32 percent of the global luxury market, and that number is predicted to rise to 44 percent by 2025”. That is a huge percentage, and is continually growing. As such, these luxury brands are continuing to try to break through to that market. They are doing this through the power of social media and digital marketing.

Social media is different in China than in the United States and some other parts of the world. Although Chinese consumers do not use Facebook or other US based social media platforms, social media marketing is huge and highly effective in China. Brands frequently use the social media platform WeChat to advertise. WeChat is a Chinese social media platform that can do all that Facebook does, and more, and is how most Chinese people connect. The strategic luxury brands have invested in advertising on this platform in interesting ways. As Forbes continues, “Many luxury firms selling to Chinese consumers have found that using WeChat stores is extremely effective. All of the top leading brands have WeChat accounts in China”. This is an excellent way of making sure Chinese consumers become aware of their brands, and of building relationships between brand and consumer.

In addition to the social media marketing that these luxury brands do, there has been an increase in luxury brands using other forms of digital media to advertise in China. Luxury brands including Hermès and Dior have created mobile games to advertise their brands. As the article states, this approach is particularly effective for Chinese millennials as the marketing campaign focuses on “nostalgia marketing” and “by mimicking the look and feel of their favorite games, brands can engage millennials on an emotional level”. The use of mobile games is not something often associated with luxury goods, but these brands know their market, and are capitalizing on this knowledge. This is an interesting approach to digital marketing in China and one that other brands should be cognizant of when creating marketing campaigns.



Luxury Brands Build Mobile Games to Attract Chinese Millennials