International Market Communications, What Is It?

To start, do you know what market communications are?

Market communications can be defined as the means by which an organization attempts to inform and persuade customers about the products and services they sell. Market communication use marketing tools in order to promote or “communicate” a company to a market. This uses tools such as: advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, online presence, printed materials, PR activities, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade show appearances, and social media marketing.

The same goes for international market communications. Even though the meaning and the tools are the same, marketing communications in international markets must be conducted with caution and care. The new question is why should you proceed with caution and care? There are some key elements that companies need to keep in mind in order to communicate internationally. These include: know your market, know your target group, know the culture, know the current trends, and make smart media choices. If a company fails to take any of these listed into consideration, they will struggle successfully making their way into the international market.

It is important to have a framework.

Before a company can just start promoting their services or item to the world they need to set up their framework or game plan.

  1. Determine Target Audience
  2. Set Communication Objective
  3. Develop Message
  4. Pick Channels of Communication
  5. Determine Frequency
  6. Operate Within Budget

A company does not have to change their services or items in order to be successful in the international market. They just need to be smart about how they market.

Market Communication in Three Key Steps:

  1. Determine your communication objective
  2. Choose your message
  3. Choose the marketing communications tool or tools that are the best fit

Determining a communication objective does not have to be a difficult task. The goals can focus on getting a markets attention, developing that attention into interest, and then turning that interest into desire. Therefore, consumers take action in buying your produce or services.

Choosing a message needs to focus on making sure that the company is understanding what information or connection the target audience is looking for. Remember it is important to realize the culture and trends of the country you are looking to sell to.

Choosing the best marketing tools depends on both the company and the market they are looking to sell to. If a company is looking to sell to a market that is heavily involved in social media, then it would be smart to use social media as a tool. Below is a picture showing different types of tools that can all be used to better help your international market communications.

International market communications is vital to the success of a company looking to go international.

Key Reminders:

  • Know your company and your worth
  • Figure out your target market
  • Research your target market
  • Pick proper marketing tools
  • Utilize the culture and trends of that market!

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