Paid and Unpaid Communications

International Market Communication is a multi-level strategy game that is tied to the overall business strategy of the company as well. Today‚Äôs digital landscape provides companies with huge potential to leverage not just the paid methods of communication but also the unpaid (earned, owned) methods of communications. What are these different paid and unpaid methods […]

Coca-Cola: Current Marketing Communications Strategy

Coca-Cola was founded by John Styth Pemberton in 1886. Who would have thought then, that Coca-Cola would be the money maker it is today. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of beverages, operating in more than 200 countries across the world. The company produces more than 500 beverage brands and over 1.06 billion drinks […]

Website Media Tips for International Marketing Communications

Your export operations must be accompanied by a clear international marketing communications strategy. Below we will discuss various website tools you can use in your strategy. Keep in mind that the use of each of these media must be consistent with your overall business strategy. Website and Web Marketing Your Website Your internet website is […]