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Global Branding and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has presented immense challenges for companies. Global branding has caused companies to adapt their strategies and operations. With an ambiguous time frame, companies must make changes that will enforce their image, values, marketing, and operations.

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Companies must begin to present with empathy and transparency

In such uncertain times, clarity and empathy must be exhibited by companies. Banks started waiving overdraft fees and cutting interest rates. Some landlords waived rent. Brand voice is more delicate than ever. Automobile companies have started to allow no payments for the first 90 days. Food delivery services offer contact free delivery to enforce social distancing.

Use of media must be done in more agile ways

Companies need to quickly pivot messages depending on circumstance. Nike has launched a new ad campaign with the slogan, “Play inside, play for the world.” Chiquita has also created a new slogan of, “I'm already home. Please do the same and protect yourself.” Flexibility is more important now than ever.

Companies must also be able to modify media mix. Video streaming advertisements are at all time high at the moment. Advertising in mobile gaming is also an avenue worth exploring.

Brand must be associated with a positive connotation

People remember brands for their acts. Whether it is good or bad, it leaves a lasting impression. Gamestop refused to close because they deemed themselves as an essential business. The public response was extremely negative. The companies that act positively will come out of the pandemic with a strong, positive image.

Tesla has been able to pivot their business to creating face masks. Although they are not essential, they have devoted to switching their resources to producing PPE. There have also been instances where companies will continue to pay their employees despite being closed.

Trends must be tracked

This time is critical for companies to track trends and create strategies. Human behavioral trends have drastically shifted. Sentiment and consumption trends must be measures on a regular basis to better adapt messaging. Companies must also build deeper connections with C-suit colleagues.

Adapt to new ways of working to keep delivering

Businesses have adapted to the pandemic by allowing employees to work from home. This enforces social distancing and helps the business keep running. This pandemic also has shown that companies do not need staff on site everyday to be effective. This may lead to trends of more and more companies allowing employees to work remotely.

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Hi Dan and Jason,

I definitely agree with your post on companies displaying more empathy and becoming agile. I have appreciated advertisements that focus on staying home and being part of a community. Is there any data that demonstrates that these advertisements are producing sales for the companies?

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