Turning Starbucks Into a Successful Brand

Background Starbucks’ global expansion has been extremely rapid as well as strategic. It’s first international store was opened in Tokyo in 1996, with the UK following in 1998. The company finally opened its first Latin American store in Mexico City in 2002. The brand’s global reach increased to cover Russia in 2007 and then Vietnam […]

The Three Key Value Dimensions of Global Branding

The way a brand is perceived is important to its success. Research was conducted by Harvard Business School and market research company Research International to determine the three characteristics consumers associate with global brands. Quality signal, global myth, and social responsibility were found to the key factors of global branding. Quality Signal Success is perceived […]

Global Branding and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has presented immense challenges for companies. Global branding has caused companies to adapt their strategies and operations. With an ambiguous time frame, companies must make changes that will enforce their image, values, marketing, and operations. Companies must begin to present with empathy and transparency In such uncertain times, clarity and empathy must be […]

The 4 Challenges That Affect A Brand’s Global Reach

Growing population numbers all over the world and the increasing efficiency of technology have made globalization for companies more appealing than ever. The potential expansion of revenue streams is possibly the main reason why a company decides to take its brand global. However, globalization has also brought upon challenges for brands as well. Globalization has […]