Global Marketing

Dunkin’ International

The third point in Professor Myhr’s strategy for successful international expansion is a creative strategy in your approach. Dunkin Donuts has taken a creative approach while entering foreign markets throughout the world. The corporation currently has  11,300 locations across 26 countries. With such ambitious international expansions, Dunkin knows that they cannot standardize their expansion into new countries. The global diet for coffee and breakfast items is one of the most culturally unique and picky that local eaters have around the world. Consumers of Dunkin in Asia will have a totally different pallet than consumers in Brazil, both of which will definitely not be interested in the Boston Kreme donut that is a mainstay of the companies old corporate headquarters in Canton, Ma. 

When expanding internationally, being relevant to a local consumer is a key approach for global marketing success for Dunkin. The shops are 100% franchised which means they are locally owned and operated regardless of the country the store is in. This gives Dunkin a competitive advantage because they already have primary data of what locals are attracted too and they have local store owners to keep up with constant changes in preferences for consumer diet. The company has had success catering their menu items to local favorites in their new countries. Examples of altered menu items that show adaption of the brand include Fish Flake donuts in China, Mango Donuts in Thailand, Rice and charcoal donuts and Coffee cubes available in South Korea and Turkish coffee in Republic of Georgia,. More adaption approaches that Dunkin has taken in South America include triple chocolate donuts in Colombia and in Peru serving Delirum, a rich chocolate covered donut with pecans and Manjar Blanco (white delicacy ), a rich milk based sugar similar concept to a Boston Kreme, but the local knowledge has allowed them to introduce this local favorite instead.

Dunkin has been successful in their adaptation of menu items based on local cuisine favorites, and the company has combined this strategy with a standard approach with their rewards program. DD rewards program remains the same across all of its operating countries, but the specific deals and menu items change based on where you are in the world. Dunkin is a corporation that should be studied as to international marketing success.