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Drawing me in — what grabs my attention (and my share of wallet)?

OK.  So I started off the “D” installment in our CIM series stumped.  I was thinking broadly and perhaps too academically about “driving demand”.  Then it dawned on me to ask me what drove my demand of products, goods, services and chocolate.  Oops, sorry.  Craving crept in.  So, self, I asked — what draws you in?  What attracts Anna toward purchase, acquisition, must-have consideration of a product, good or service?  (Chocolate was self-evident.)

Ultimately, what points of differentiation make me sit up and take notice?  [Yes, colleagues, that was a deliberate shameless use of the prof's favorite marketing word to score some points with these posts…]

First is — what sparks my attention.  Second is — what spurs me to act once I'm hooked.

Attention Sparking by way of ad examples —

Humor — a bit of levity goes a long way in my book.  (So definitely color me a fan of Paul's post “Marketing with Humor”.)  While there are a lot of ads which I find funny and marketing campaigns just this side of irreverent, here are a couple from the California Talking Cows series which always made me chuckle – and then subsequently go out and buy something dairy related.  You know, like chocolate.


Cows with Rooster — (This one has great lines – “bob and weave, bob and weave…”, “…yeah, poultry…”)

Cows with Rooster “Hit The Snooze”

Adding in a VW convertible commercial I just saw today – Sunday, March 3 — may offend some in the general mass audience who might think there's a violence angle which isn't funny — I took it for what it was — a VW spot which you know was going to have some humor

VW Convertible Ski Mask commercial

When it comes to marketing of foods — eating with what I call “more-ish”, enjoyable relish.  Carl's Jr ads do this well, like the one here for the jalapeno burger.  Made me hungry.  And I’m a vegetarian.  Who doesn’t like jalapenos.

Carl's Jr Jalapeno Burger

Carls Jr Jalapeno Burger with Firemen

Doing right by something — I like when the good side of human nature emerges or a philanthropic slant comes through. Such as the Liberty Mutual commercials, this one is the full version with all the smaller vignettes interwoven… (warning: lumps in throat ahead)

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual commercial — paying it forward

Music — Always!  And all types. Sometimes it doesn't matter what the product is — doesn't necessarily mean I will purchase but it does “spark my attention”.  Car commercials are good that way with me and even the latest Microsoft IE 9 commercial whose anthem in the sample here catapulted this unknown singer in the UK (Alex Clare) to international stardom.

Kia Hamsters

Kia Hamster commercial — (I mean, come on, who would’ve put rap, hamsters and a car in one blend?)

Alex Clare Too Close

MS IE9 Commercial

Action beyond attention — breaking down Anna's psyche for buying:

  • Evaluating my need (seriously, Anna, do you really, really need it?)
  • Affordability (assessed on length of utility, whether I have to re-mortgage the house and what I have to give up to get it – the age-old battle of “these pair of lovely boots could buy me a car…”)
  • Fit and Comfort (… but if I buy the boots do they match most of my wardrobe and will they hurt my toes…)
  • Longevity of satisfaction (… since these are really well made boots they could truly last me at least two seasons…)
  • … But mostly, will this bloody craving go away? (… still thinking about those darn boots one week later – either that or those Lululemon yoga pants, Anna, make up your mind…)

So what draws you in?  What sparks your attention?  What spurs you into buying or acquiring something?  What “earns” your demand?

Stay tuned for our next blog post, when Ralphie and I discuss “evolving trends” and how Consumers respond…

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Humor for sure works best in catching my attention…and while I hadn’t been to a Carl’s Jr. in YEARS, I fully went in recently to try that damn jalapeno burger. And it didn’t disappoint!

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