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Do you have a favorite movie theatre?

The movie going experience…Love it? Hate it? Don’t care for it? What’s your take?

I for one enjoy the experience. But I can’t say that I do for every movie theatre that I go to. Let’s just say that I’m a bit selective with my theatre locations. Why am I selective you ask? Great question! Allow me to explain.

First let’s start off with a few reasons as to why going to the movies would turn people off.

Price – We live in California, home of Hollywood, movie capital of the world, and for the majority of us residing in Orange County, a local movie theatre will set you back at least $12-$14. Want some refreshments to go with that movie? You’ll probably spend more than the movie ticket itself!

Fight Traffic – We live in Southern California, driving from point A to point B sometimes becomes a mission with strategic tactics. We live traffic.

Fight Parking – Good luck.

Inconsiderate people – Let’s be honest, some people are flat out stupid at the movies. Why are you texting? Why are you talking on the phone? Why is your screen brighter than the sun? Why did you have to take off your shoes and cross your legs to face me knowing that the smell of your feet needs to be quarantined? Why I ask?

I get it; there can be a few spoils to the movie going experience, which is exactly why I have my preferred theatre locations.

Here are a few variables that I consider: brand, location of theatre (city), cleanliness, assigned seating, parking, and technology.

Brand – I prefer AMC over Regals, I feel as though AMC’s facilities are better maintained with better seats.

Location of theatre – Proximity is not of concern to me. I will go the extra mile or two or three or several to watch the next blockbuster at a city that I prefer. Take for instance the Krikorian Theatre in Buena Park vs Regals Theatre in La Mirada. The Krikorian theatre may be closer to me and even less costly, yet I’d rather drive to Regals in La Mirada. Weird, I know, but here’s my reasoning. You’ll notice a “younger” demographic at Krikorian. Let’s call them kids who love to have fun and become a bit over zealous when they’re with their group of friends. They become a little obnoxious during the movie and there goes your movie experience. Whereas Regals in La Mirada has a more “traditional” demographic. A mature audience who come to simply enjoy the movie with their significant other, no distractions, no interruptions.

Cleanliness – I’m a bit of a clean freak. I don’t like to sit on a chair covered in popcorn or to see that there are food stains all around the movie theatre. Presentation is vital.

Assigned Seating – There are 2 theatres that I usually go watch a new release at. Pacific Theatre at The Grove or Arc Light Cinemas. Both theatres have assigned seating hence I never need to worry about sitting in an unfavorable seat. There’s a premium price to pay but it offsets the hassle of wasting time to go early and or potentially getting a bad seat.

Parking – I lack patience to fight for parking. Enough said.

Technology – Many theatres promote their latest technology used to display their movies. The IMAX experience, XD digital display, 3D experience, etc. My simple criteria are that there is clarity in picture and boldness in sound.

So with all that said, where do I go most to watch my movies?

AMC at Downtown Disney. Though the area may be crowded, the theatre never is. It’s always clean, and the movie-goers are respectful to each other’s experience. Parking can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s always well organized. Lastly, the quality doesn’t disappoint.

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What are your thoughts on the premium movie theaters (speaking of price) where you get service at your seat, adult beverages, and dinner while you wait? I have heard mixed reviews, some love it (comfortable, clean, and service) and some hate it (people walking around while you watch your movie?!?). Do you think these venues make for a better or worse viewing experience?

I’ve actually been wanting to go to one, and use this blog as an excuse to justify the price haha. Sadly I haven’t had time lately.
Just to comment from what I know, I really like the idea. Sure there’s a premium to pay, but I feel as though you’re guaranteed to have a quality movie going experience. No noise, no distractions, no crying babies…you go with like-minded movie-goers who truly value their experience.
I’ll update once I go!

I like going to the Stadium Cinema on Katella. Parking can be a challenge due to events at Anaheim Stadium or the Honda Center. I always seem to get the movies shown time that I want.

I’ve been to that location twice, but can’t say that I would prefer to go there.
I think ticket costs were cheaper there than the surrounding theaters 🙂

Proximity is important to me and then price. The Edwards/Regal theater near my home has discounted tickets all day Sunday and Tuesday. So I gravitate to those days when I can.

I am not sure what I think of those premium theaters that Josh mentioned. I have been to the UltraLux in Anaheim. It is more of a novelty to me so I have tried it and am over it.

I worked for AMC in college. At that time I think they ran their theaters better than the other chains. I am not sure if that still applies. But I don’t think they have enough within the LA/OC vicinity.

Nice blog!

Thanks Jill!

I’ve been to that ultraluxe too! Lucky I didn’t have to pay because of free tickets, but I wasn’t impressed :T
I think for most people, Price and Proximity would be of top value, but I’d pay the extra gas money and couple bucks extra to go to a theatre of my liking. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit??

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