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Using the power of Instagram to promote your business

In our previous #instagramforbusiness post we have shared with you how easy it is to get started on Instagram, all you need is creativity and a good plan. If leveraged strategically, Instagram can become a great tool and provide you with a direct and targeted way to communicate with your audience while helping promote your business … here are five more tips to help you along…

 1.     We all have heard before the expression that “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” well… Instagram proves it better than any other social media network.
This app is purely driven on images alone (captions are optional and hashtags should be encourage) but taking and posting great pictures is key. You may enhance an image with image filters, which make the pictures look even more beautiful than the original; so no need for scheduling a photo shoot that takes hours and costs hundreds of dollars. With a click of a button from your smartphone device, you can now take some great pictures, emotionally charged and in a dynamic manner that can showcase your products or the results of your products better and cheaper than any advertising campaign you might have had in the past.  And since creativity is not a talent we all can claim, here are some fun and helpful tips:

Once you have a decent number of followers (which we will help you attract in an upcoming post), it makes it very easy to encourage your followers to interact and get involved in your business. This allows you to have an immediate feedback… so who needs surveys that take forever or costly market research that might lead you nowhere, when you have IG? Instant feedback at zero cost… it cannot get better than that!

3.     Generating buzz…
Another cool thing about IG is that it can help generate buzz, and ultimately spark conversations about your brand; have your customers share pictures of themselves using your products or service (when appropriate – of course!)  With a solid hashtag strategy in place, your business will be trending in its own space.  This is why people love it so much.  It helps them be part of your daily business.  After all, this is Social Media!

 4.     Business personality? AKA “Branding”
Have you ever thought that your business could have a personality of its own? Well, Instagram can definitely help give your business the opportunity to build a distinct and winning personality of its own by molding the perception you want to convey to your current or potential customers.  Whether you want your business to appear serious, trendy or fun, all you need to do is take the right pictures and share them on Instagram.  It can definitely help you build that personality or “aura” for your brand, especially when your business is in a niche market where personality could play a major role.

 5.     IG Feeds
Lastly, if you want to keep your name in conversation, Instagram is definitely the ideal platform to help you promote your business and make people talk about you and what you do!  Just make sure you have a steady posting pace (although another tip is everything in moderation); however, post enough interesting visual content and maintain an active Instagram feed that it peaks the interest of followers and new followers! 

 Stay tuned because we have a lot more to come, just follow us, and don’t forget to give us your feedback, we would love to hear from you!!!

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