Global Marketing

Do you get hungry looking at the moon?

Taco Bell has utilized the moon in its new advertising campaign globally. Taylor Montgomery, head of international marketing for Taco Bell, mentions in an article that she cannot unsee the half-crescent moon as a taco. This crazy idea has allowed Taco Bell to internationally advertise a free taco on May 4th. 20 global markets have participated in the free taco campaign. The retail experience for the customer is quite amazing as the free tacos are connected to something everyone can see, the moon. Another ingenious perspective is that the moon will always be advertising for Taco Bell. If this short campaign resonates with consumers, Taco Bell will have successfully advertised in space. 

For the customer, I believe Taco Bell is considering that once customers arrive to their local franchise for a free taco they will either buy more food, make jokes about the moon as a taco, and/or just take the taco and run. Taco Bell has consistently offered free tacos through sports or other events to increase brand awareness. Taco Bell continues to impress marketing professionals with their creative ideas. The retail experience for many of their customers would not change but the consistency in which they give good deals to their patrons has a long-term effect on their decision to choose Taco Bell over competitors. This allows the retail experience to be satisfactory to consumers.