Global Marketing

BurgerKing Babies

In our class we discussed the various advertising mishaps many companies have when trying to advertise new products or in new markets. Wether it be slogan misinterpretations or stereotypical marketing ads many companies fail to gain new customers and even hurt their brand image in the pursuit of innovation. In this particular article its discuses how BurgerKing on Russia offered free burgers for life along with money to women impregnated by World Cup players. The World Cup offers opportunity for companies to become part of the festivities by using World Cup marketing ads to create brand awareness. For some companies it's an opportunity for success and others. an opportunity to completely fail. In this particular situation Burger King Social media team offered $3. million (rubles) roughly $64,000 and a lifetime supply of Whopper Burgers to “women who got impregnated by World Cup football stars” in an effort to inherit “the best football genes” Like many would assume it did not work according to plan. Burger King would come out and issue an apology. Although Burger King issued an apology this isn't the first time Burger King Russia has launched a sexist marketing ad. This further proves that no matter how big and successful a company is they can still make mistakes and drop the ball. Burger King can use this opportunity to reevaluate their marketing strategy as a whole and better manage their international marketing strategy.