Impact of Culture in Global Marketing Environment

What is culture? The impact of religious, family, educational and social systems on oneself and on people that is the way they live and the choices they make. Marketing exists in an environment that is shaped by culture. Domestic or International Marketing both needs culture to thrive. There are many organisations that intend to market […]

How the political environment can impact international marketing environment.

Every campaign, product launch or global market initiative has the chance/probability to go wrong. The factors that could pose threat to the launch are countless and while some are predictable and can be controlled, many others cannot. In general, the factors that can be controlled are pertinent to the company and its organization and are […]

Pricing in International Marketing Environment

For international markets, pricing is one of the most important elements of marketing product mix, generates cash and determines a company’s survival. This blog post sheds light on international pricing strategies in a global marketing environment. Pricing, as part of the marketing mix, is essential and has been always one of the most difficult decisions […]

Challenges in Global Marketing Environment

What are the biggest challenges that global marketers are facing today? It’s of real significance if one can work in the complex world of global marketing environment. Bigger brand names have more links in the chain. Many Big Global brands for ex: Colgate, Disney etc. have historically struggled with rolling out marketing campaigns across multiple […]

Considering Customers in the International Marketing Environment

Developing a thorough understanding of the customers within a market is crucial to being able to successfully and profitably launch a product. Often a company will start their reach domestically and plan only for their local customers. Social, economic, cultural and religious factors could play a very different role abroad. Although, when launching domestically it […]

International Marketing Environment

“A company’s marketing environment consists of the factors and forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers”. – Philip Kotler International marketing environment consists of global forces, such as economic, social, cultural, legal, and geographical and ecological forces, that affect international marketing decisions. International marketing […]