Important international business organizations and their influences–Part I

Globalization brought great opportunities to developing countries and businesses. Among the infrastructure of globalization, International business organizations played a very important role in the process of globalization and the communication between businesses. Moreover, these organizations have also become essential tools for dealing conflicts and developments between their members. As an international marketer, understand these IBOs’ […]

The Consumer Goods Forum

In London, some of the globe’s largest firms back a new initiative to improve global supply chains. Led by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), “which represents about 400 leading retailers and manufacturers across 70 countries – said it is creating a benchmark to support the development of more socially and environmentally responsible supply chains.” The […]

Bike Sharing

In recent years one of the largest and fast growing trends in urban transportation service has been bike sharing. The bike sharing concepts has seen drastic growth in China and Asia, as a viable alternative to automobiles or public transit. In 2016, there were over 750,000 shared bikes in China; just two years earlier there […]


Sustainability? One of the larges and most sought after goals by major brands in todays market is be know for using  “Sustainable Materials.” In todays complex global business environment that is easier said than done. The idea of being label a sustainable brand is fluid in modern culture and few rules regulate the companies from […]