Global Marketing

What is Global Social Media Marketing??

It is no surprise that in 2022, consumers live on their phones. Whether it's an ad popping up on your Instagram feed, a product review on TikTok, banners on ESPN aps, or targeted advertisements on Facebook; consumers consume through the social media applications on their phones.

These social networks have forever changed and transformed how consumers are targeted and marketed to.

Based on Dave Chaffey's “Global Social Media Statistics Research Summary” article, he sites that as of October 2021,
57.6% of the world's population uses social media.”

So, why is this important in the eyes of the marketer? If consumers are on their social media platforms “2 hours and 27 minutes” per day, that is 2.5 hours of marketing time daily per customer (Chaffey, 2022). If a brand needs to get in front of their customers on a daily basis, social media is a for sure method of air time.

Let's understand what Global Social Media Marketing is.

It is defined as “an approach that is used to create, develop, and integrate concepts on marketing that can change the way individuals and groups of people behave.” ( Another key take away here is that social media marketing can develop “entire social marketing ecologies” versus one-off segments and specific audience marketing. Social media marketing targets the masses.

What global social media marketing aims to do is influence behavior changes across a social-cultural lines. If entire behaviors can be changed, buying habits, spending habits, brand preferences, brand biases can all be altered.

Another benefit to Global Social Media Marketing is the instantaneous access to information. If a new Adidas running shoe drops, or Ben & Jerry's has come out with a new flavor, getting that information out to the masses no longer needs a newspaper of new caster to report on it. All it takes is uploading an Instagram post.

One tip to make sure to pay attention to is catering the global outreach to a multitude of different markets. For example, if you search “Adidas” in Instagram, you will see an array of verified Adidas Instagram pages for different markets. Adidas Tokyo, Adidas UK, Adidas NYC, Adidas Canada.

Different markets and different cultures have different consumer preferences. Global social media marketing must target to their appropriate audience.

All in all, social media gives brands and companies a global stage to market to their audiences. There are pros and cons to how instantaneous the reach is, and thus more work on the marketing team to address multiple different audiences, but this is the future of marketing. This is how consumers get their information.

Social Media is here to stay.