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Viacom: Creating Content on Social Media


 Social Media is an incredible tool that can be used to market brands and products to a very wide, but also very direct audience. While we have previously discussed the ways in which social media platforms are changing due to trends and other external forces, there is no denying that social media continues to be useful when developing brand recognition. These days, a developing trend is companies creating content itself on these social media platforms.

Viacom recently announced  the launching of Viacom Digital Studios. The purpose of this is to create content on social media websites. As AdWeek reports, Viacom Digital Studios “creates short-form and long-form content for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube”. This is important because it reflects how the landscape of social media is changing. At this stage in the game, it is not enough to simply advertise your product, brand, or in this case, television programming on a social media site. This current trend requires brands and organizations to actually create new content specifically for these social media platforms.

 Viacom Digital Studios will be creating “programming unique to each platform,” as AdWeek states, which allows a more targeted audience for each specific social media model. Yahoo Finance reports that Viacom Digital Studios “reaches 4.3 billion social video views and 4.7 billion minutes viewed domestically in the second quarter”.

In addition to the creation of this new content, Viacom has also stated that it will be expanding VidCon, which takes place in Anaheim this June to London. VidCon is a convention for Youtubers and their fans. This turns social media into a truly interactive experience, bridging the gap between entertainers (or brands) and their audiences.

The creation of content and the engagement of fans is something that all organizations throughout the world need to keep in mind when they are developing their social media presence. Eventually, simply advertising on these platforms alone will not be enough for consumers. Having this exclusive content or interactive experience will be what will set companies apart, but may eventually simply be expected. Organizations need to be prepared for this shift.


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