Global Marketing

The Global Branding Strategy and its Benefits

Simply stated, global branding is using the same name, as well as all other aspects such as marketing, of a product or service throughout multiple countries. The overall strategy of the brand should be similar to that in its home country and in every other country afterward. Some of the aspects that would stay the same within a global branding approach include:

  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Positioning
  • Strategy
  • Overall look and feel

The main advantage of advertising for a global brand is that it becomes standardized thus making it easier to roll out marketing campaigns. This standardization helps make the brand easily recognizable for all of its customers.

What About the Customers?

The company itself is not the only party that benefits from a global branding strategy. Customers are expected to receive decent rewards as well. These customer benefits include:

  • Less shopping time; global brands are easily noticeable
  • Overall quality; Global brands tend to have better quality products
  • Prices; Global branded product prices tend to be fixed in some way
  • Responsibility/Dependability on the Company's behalf; Customers have a clear idea on where to go with questions or concerns

Global Branding Benefits

Adapting a strategy like marketing for one brand on a global scale can greatly increase a company's customers. This large increase in customer base typically means also having a large increase in revenue. Some of the other benefits of global branding/marketing include:

  • Improved effectiveness in products or services over time
  • Greater advantage against competitors
  • Increased customer awareness

Global Branding Success

Some of the following companies have benefited greatly from global branding:

  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Coca-Cola
  • McDonald's

For companies like these, their success came from their ability to provide consistency among their products. No matter the country, an iPhone should feel and look the same just like a drink at Starbucks should also taste the same. However, they have been known to adjust or adapt slightly depending on the country's culture but their overall branding strategy is the same.

Global branding can be a challenge but the reward is promising. It is not all about developing a different product or brand for every country; it involves strategic adaptations. Mastering this ability to adapt while keeping the brand's image the same is the recipe for success.