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The Bund’s Charme

On our third day in Shanghai, we visited Shanghai’s number one secondary school, JianPing High School. Only the top 5% of students are admitted into this highly selective school. After sitting in on one of their classes, it was clear that these students were brilliant and competitive. They spoke English well with confidence and were very mature when it came to discussing their hopes for their future, obtaining higher education, and pursuing their careers. At first I expected most of these students to be entering competitive and demanding industries such as medicine, political science, or research due to the culture and atmosphere they grew up in. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were also talented in the arts, music, and sports, some even pursuing careers in these fields. It was very refreshing to see. If these are only the top 5% of one city, I can’t imagine the amount of potential China holds in its youth.


After an inspiring morning at JianPing High School, we got to visit the HSBC Bank Shanghai office, located next to the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower at the heart of Shanghai’s impressive financial center. But before getting our exclusive guest passes and attending the private presentation, we had a quick lunch break. Time to go find something delicious!

Across the street from the office is the equally impressive Super Brand Mall. There, Van and I wandered through the floors, looking for a restaurant that was still open for lunch and served vegetarian dishes. After some difficulty, we decided to just walk into one that we thought looked appealing called Charme. Lucky for us it was a charming restaurant, pun intended, with an awesome view of the Bund.


The menu looked good enough to eat as we flipped through the picture heavy pages. Finally we decided on a baked pumpkin with creamy cheese sauce for me, a baked wild mushroom with cheese for Van, and a shared warm bread pudding with custard sauce between the two of us.charme_collageIt was absolutely delicious and I wish we had more time to sit back and enjoy them. Unfortunately, by the time our dishes were served, we only had 10 minutes left before we had to run to make our appointment at HSBC. Inhaling our lunch while trying to savor it is not easy. Definitely bookmarked this restaurant and will be back to enjoy more dishes and the view. Until next time!