Global Marketing

Reaching Consumers of Different Generations

The other day I came across an interesting article about how different age groups react to different types of marketing strategies. I belong to the millennial generation and personally, I find all my information and advertisements through social media and sometimes, the television. I thought I would do some more research and share the information I found on what marketing strategies are most effective on 3 different generations.

Millennials (1981 – 1995)

Born into this generation, it is true that I have a tough time keeping my phone away. I probably check Instagram 5 times a day and even click through interesting ads that boast 90% off on clothing websites. Companies that study millennials immediately jump to mobile marketing as the best strategy to reach our generation.

Although it is true that social media is one of the main forms of reaching this generation, millennials value recommendations and opinions from other people when it comes to purchasing products or services. If our friends and family say it's good, then it must be good because we trust their opinion.

If we see our friends post pictures or send us 20 second videos of where they are, it must be a place to go. Individuals in this generation don't like to spend too much money on designer goods or other products; sell us an experience and we'll jump to it.

Reaching millennials: 

  • Be up to date on trends and use social media (Instagram, Snapchat) to attract attention.
  • Build a campaign strategy that requires unique interaction that will become popular through word of mouth.
  • Strategies should be built with a mobile view layout.
  • Bloggers and influencers are the best way to boost sales.

Generation X (1965 – 1980)

Taking cues from my parents, generation x most probably owns a house or two, doing well in their careers and browse Facebook on a daily basis. Generation x is an important generation to target because they are the ones with the disposable income and will most likely spend on your products.

Individuals of gen x aren't easily convinced by the trends and are smarter when it comes to buying brands. Thorough research must be done before buying a product and they are not easily convinced with marketing strategies. However, flash sales and ways to save more money are always on their radar.

Reaching gen x:

  • Discount coupons are still popular and email marketing a popular way to reach gen x.
  • Talk about the value and effectiveness of your product in your marketing strategies over what color palette to use for the campaign.
  • Use videos for a more effective way to get your message out there.
  • Show this generation why your product is more reliable than your competitors.

Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

Baby boomers love to engage on Facebook and will leave a comment on every picture you post. This generation is close to retirement and even though they have little to no debt, the recent recession has left them frugal with handling their money.

You might be surprised to know that baby boomers are avid internet users and conduct as much research as they can on all products and services. Brand loyalty is very important to them therefore it is not easy to switch them to your brand from another. They love a good discount and spend their money on products and services that come with great savings.

Reaching baby boomers:

  • Make sure to put out as much information on your product or service as you can. The more detail the better and it doesn't hurt to add pictures, infographics and/or videos.
  • Baby boomers prefer a service that offers direct communication, preferably face to face.
  • The bigger the savings, the better the sales with this generation.
  • Facebook advertising is a quick way to reach this target demographic.