Global Marketing

Nike’s Digital Strategy Driving its Success Worldwide.

Nike was able to skyrocket their revenue during the pandemic, when most companies were struggling to survive. This was due to their digital and global strategies to succeed.

Nike's revenue in 2019-2020 was $41.3 billion which is almost double their closest competitor, Adidas, who had revenue at $25.6 billion. They were able to do this being they are innovative and have a very strong network around the globe. Nike has been trying to strengthen their direct-to-consumer capabilities by building their digital network. They are doing this by having multiple fitness app as well as having online stores on these apps. These allowed people to still order from them even when the physical stores were closed down. China was one of the main companies who helped achieve these sales numbers because this market was heavily influenced by Nike's digital marketing.

Nike has also created a new experience to make trying on shoes “fun”. They created a game called Reactland where customers can control a virtual character and run through a world full of pillows and clouds. This allows customers to get a good feel of the shoe, while also having fun trying them on. This is just another example of how Nike is able to succeed in their retailing as well as sales.

Other retailers can look at Nike's strategies in order to succeed internationally. When a company is not able to physically open a retail shop in another country, they must figure out ways to succeed and do well as Nike did. As online shopping continues to increase, companies must adapt international and local strategies, or they will not succeed. International retailing will not be the same as it was in the past, and in the future, shopping in person may cease to exist in certain markets.

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