Global Marketing

My Most Recent Social Media Purchases

Who am I kidding…I buy SO much stuff on Social Media. Having the topic “Global Social Media Marketing” got me thinking, “what products have I been targeted with.” But better yet, “what have I actually purchased?”.

I went on a mission to retrace what I have most recently purchased based on targeted ads on either Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. These are my top 3 most used social media websites and thus where I succumb to social media marketing.

My goal of this article is to highlight how I was targeted, why I actually bought the “thing”, and then conclude with me labeling myself as a customer “type”.

To do this intensive research, I dug through my saved TikTok videos, saved Instagram posts, and scrolled through my Facebook to refresh my memory.

Here is what I came up with:

1. Coffeify Mugs

These mugs targeted me right before Christmas when I was clearly in need of buying my boyfriend an extra stocking stuffer. My boyfriend loves out-doors-y designs and is a coffee addict. These mugs came up on my Facebook feed one day and I was hooked by that mug in the bottom left. I think I ignored the ad the first time I saw them. The marketing tools probably picked up that I stopped on this post because it came up almost every day thereafter. Bought 2 of them for my boyfriend and they are his go-to coffee mugs in the morning.

2. Jack Henry Studios

This ad came up on my TikTok page. Jack Henry just opened up a men's salon at The Camp in Costa Mesa. I am a frequent shopper at The Camp, my boyfriend and I live in Costa Mesa, and I typically take the lead with booking his appointments like hair cuts. I “hearted” this post on TikTok, it took me to the website page, and I booked for him that day. I was clearly targeted because of my location, my age demographic, and that I am usually searching for men's products on my phone because I live with my boyfriend. Again, Isabella 0, paid marketing 2!

3. Jones Road Makeup

I am a loyal Bobbi Brown consumer, and she just recently came out with a new makeup line called Jones Road. I follow Bobbi Brown on Instagram and like her posts frequently. So obviously I have been targeted. She came out with this new “miracle balm” skin product. I have been attacked by posts of this product. I see them on Instagram and TikTok nearly every day. One morning before work I caved and bought 2 of them. This damn TikTok tutorial did it for me and I needed to have one of my own. Again, social media marketing got me!

4. CoreNet Membership

I am in Commercial Real Estate and have been a member of CoreNet SoCal for years. April is when membership fees are due for the new season. Of course I am always late to the game in getting stuff like this turned in on time. Well I open my Facebook feed to snap some photos for the blogpost and BAM there's the CoreNet add reminding me to pay them for my membership. This was an easy target, as I serve on CoreNet committees, I've been a member for years, and I am in the industry. However, paid ads like this remind me to get my dues turned in and keep CoreNet front of mind. So… they won; I paid my dues!

5. Wildpier Exfoliating Glove

TikTok must be listening to me, because I had been complaining about dry skin for months. It's been cold and dry here in SoCal what can I say!? This TikTok ad had only targeted me 1 or 2 times before I caved. I immediately clicked the link which brought me to their Instagram page which brought me to their website. I ordered 2; one for my boyfriend and one for me!

As a consumer, if I had to label myself, I'd say I am a practical shopper. I sometimes buy things I want but a lot of the times I buy things I need or will make my life easier. I am also more prone to buy new products on Instagram and TikTok and products I am familiar with on Facebook. I hate to admit that I am a product of Global Social Media marketing, but I just showcased 5 examples where the marketing strategy won!

Social media marketing works…let me tell ya!