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How to increase the number of your Instagram followers

We hope you enjoyed our last “3 Instagram Success Stories” post; however, we know that growing the number of your followers on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. It takes thoughtful actions to attract the right people and when done properly, you will systematically see the number of your account followings grow. So here are five more tips on how to attract and increase the number of your legion of followers:

1. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of hashtags and how they can be so effective in increasing the reach of your content, but only when it's done right. If you decide to create a new hashtag, consider the purpose of the tag you’re creating in order to use it effectively. One good way of attracting the right followers and expanding the reach of your content, is by applying existing hashtags that your community is currently using or by creating new ones that benefit your overall social media marketing strategy. To find out about the most popular hashtags lately, check out #tagsforlikes

2. Join your community’s conversations

Pay close attention to what is going on in your community. You can be certain that there are many trends and conversations right now around your community, and you need to find out what they are. You mainly need to know the topics that your community’s most relevant members are participating in and then get involved, yourself, by using Instagram and sharing images of your brand, business, and daily activities. Your content will get discovered by those individuals.

3. Use influencers

A resourceful way of increasing the number of your followers and getting them more engaged in your business is the use of influencers, such as Snapfluence. Snapfluence was specifically created to help the growing need for companies to engage their targeted fans. It is a community of bloggers, visual artists, professional Intagrammers  who have built reliable followings online. This is definitely a good tactic that can help you increase your audience and amplify your reach by sharing your brand to their followers. They can also help you with your overall content creation if you need them to.

4. Follow users with similar interests

Following users with similar interests, as you, could also help you increase your followers, especially when you like their photos, and better yet, start commenting on their posts. They will eventually start following you as well.

5. Combine your Social Network Channels

And lastly, make sure all your social network channels are combined. By doing so, everything you post on Instagram will simultaneously be posted in Twitter, Facebook, etc… This will give your content great exposure and expand your reach. This is easily done in your share settings on Instagram.

We hope you’ll find the above five tips helpful and ultimately use them, so you can start seeing the number of your followers grow. Best wishes and please share!