Global Marketing

How the Dodgers can Strengthen their Global Brand

The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently one of the best teams in all of Major League Baseball. They are a beloved franchise with a rich history. Also, they are coming off of a World Series championship season, and now is the perfect opportunity for them to continue to strengthen their global brand. This post will share some of the ways that they can accomplish that goal.

Los Angeles

They can utilize their location to leverage their brand. It is safe to say that Los Angeles is well known across the world. Who doesn't know about the town where movies are made and where stars are born. By leveraging Los Angeles in their international marketing efforts it can intrigue potential consumers to root for a team that has a glamorous local appeal.

International Games

Unlike American football, baseball is commonly known around the world. It is not as popular as soccer, but at least the sport is known and understood. Whereas, American football is at a disadvantage because they have to educate potential international consumers on what the sport is and how it is played. What the Dodgers can benefit from is playing games overseas. In 2019, the MLB played games in Japan, Mexico, and the UK (Alder, 2020). Unfortunately, the Dodgers were not a participant in any games played in these countries. However, it would benefit them to volunteer to play abroad in the future. By playing abroad they can engage with the locals and potentially build some brand loyalty. Engaging with the locals can be as simple as conducting pop-ups, where the locals can meet and take pictures with the players.

World Series 2020 Champions

In their international marketing efforts, the Dodgers can leverage their World Series 2020 championship. Some ideas that they can try are buying local ads in the papers and commercial spots. In these ads and commercial spots, they can show their best highlights and pictures from their historic COVID victory. The Dodgers can also be proactive about doing international popups. At these pop-ups, the Dodgers can take their World Series trophy for international fans to see and take pictures with. After all, who doesn't love a winner?


In conclusion, the Dodgers can strengthen their global brand by following some of the ideas illustrated in this post. Luckily for the Dodgers, they have a lot of things going in their favor. The allure of Los Angeles and their World Series championship are both things that can be leveraged. Also, their lack of international games presents an opportunity for them to capitalize on in the event that they are chosen to play overseas. Go Dodgers, the World Series 2020 Champions!!


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