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Global Intelligence – Bring information to your fingertip

What is global intelligence? Not everyone has the same definition of these words. Some says it is the method of countries, through growing interaction and communication and trade, coming closer together to generate a solitary informational system in which developments in one part of the world can profoundly affect individuals or communities in other parts of the world. Based on the collaboration, an information sharing process is established by which the knowledge and daily rituals of everyday life, marked by the circulation of commodities and theories, are becoming consistent around the globe. People are becoming more open to sharing ideas, exploring other cultures, and becoming familiar with each other through global intelligence system. Some of major aspects that have contributed to global intelligence include increasingly refined information sharing, advancement on technologies, mass database holds various information around the world. The foremost operation of it, is a fast industrial modification in major countries, such as India, China, Japan etc. and their capability to command and dictate in production of customer goods to the rest of the world. These are the factor that bring the international relations close to one another and certainly plays a vital role. These also involve the increasing interdependence of overall economies, financial markets, trade, corporations, production, distribution, and consumer marketing. By its very nature, this intelligence draws attention to the economic and technological aspects of life, and to change at the level of culture or identity. It is safe to say that global information intelligence is approaching international relation in many small countries. We also noticed new technologies are being introduced to minimize the workload, to produce an efficient amount of work in less time, stay connected, and above all, being effected in what is going on in other part of the world.
There are some concerns that could possibly affect all of us in the long run. For instance, massive information has not only taken its toll on international relations, but also altering international security. As the globe is emerging together, it is also being exposed to others like ever before. Hence, the security and IPE concerns are approaching since the world is being wired in new ways. On the other hand, people’s privacy concern about their information which could be a large risk factor. Global information intelligence may impact tremendously to those who lives by being conservative. The people need to be open and go outside of their comfort zone to utilize this information for better enhancement. One can only learn so much within the county but global information intelligence can open up the whole world in fingertip. Since the global information intelligence of International Relation are increasing, people should gain both the knowledge and the skills needed to thrive in the increasingly global workplace.