Digital Marketing: Johnson & Johnson

Last week we talked about various aspects of digital marketing, and so this week we thought we’d continue to look into that, with a case example: Johnson & Johnson. 

Johnson & Johnson is one of the most well-known brands in the world, evidenced by its spot as #100 among the 2018 Fortune 500. Their products, which can be categorized between pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products, are sold in roughly 175 countries around the globe, and the company has been in existence for over 100 years. 

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Some of Johnson & Johnson's Products In Stores

So how have they remained so successful? 

Johnson & Johnson has been sure to keep up with the times in terms of their global marketing strategy, and they have built up a solid distribution network. They have penetrated beyond just major cities in the countries where they have a presence, making sure to spread out to less populated areas as well. 

Furthermore, they have roughly 230 subsidiaries worldwide, which are operated by employees that are local to those areas. This ties into our discussion last week, where we contemplated the balance between Americans and locals for Disney’s executive teams abroad.

In Johnson & Johnson’s case, having the subsidiaries operated by locals has certainly proven successful, allowing the company to maintain their significant presence around the globe. 

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In addition to this, recently the company “has adopted a social-first strategy, meaning that each campaign begins with social media channels in mind.”

Longer ads intended for other platforms are a “secondary consideration,”built to compliment the messages displayed on their social media. This allows them to reach consumers quickly and efficiently, while staying relevant for their customers. 


Across all of their platforms, Johnson & Johnson has also made it a priority to focus on storytelling throughout their ads. 

One of their most noteworthy ways in which the company utilized both storytelling and social media for their ad occurred after a recent Miss American beauty pageant, where one contestant replied that her talent was simply being a nurse. Initially the contestant faced some heat for such an answer, however Johnson & Johnson saw an opportunity once the online environment turned to support nurses with the hashtag #nursesunite.

Johnson & Johnson campaigned that they would donate $1 to help educate nurses worldwide for every photo shared to their online platform, prompting customer participation and putting the company in the headlines for their campaign. They further utilized this momentum and stuck with their tried and true storytelling marketing design to create a longer, two-minute ad showing support for nurses. 

You can view this ad below: 

These are some of the major ways in which Johnson & Johnson, a major global player, has utilized various digital marketing channels to remain relevant and successful throughout changing times and across a wide array of various cultures.