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With the rise of COVID-19, content marketing is becoming prevalent in today’s world of advertisements. Gone are the days where companies market their products, instead, an increasing amount of companies are using content marketing.

What is content marketing?

The concept of content marketing revolves around the idea of not pitching your products and services. Instead, companies provide relevant and useful content to support their customers and help them solve issues. Turn on the TV, you will likely see a commercial like the one below

Budweiser is one of many companies actively engaging in a content marketing campaign. Instead of promoting their product, Budweiser promotes unity and showcases how charitable they are.

Why content marketing?

Experts believe they’re three key reasons that companies use content marketing. 

  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Customer loyalty

I'll add a fourth:

  • Communication

Companies use content marketing in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A content ad connects the audience to the brand with a certain message, usually a message that is relatable with the wide population. 

With COVID-19, the term “coronacontent” is being thrown around. A multitude of companies quickly adapted and made changes to their marketing strategy. As more companies respond to the crisis, others “feel compelled to respond”.

What are your thoughts on content marketing? Does doing so during a pandemic make a company seem more genuine? If you were the marketing director of a large corporation, how would you respond?

One reply on “Content Marketing”

Great read, and yes to your addition. I believe content marketing communicates what a company is like, rather than what it sells. As a consumer who is critical about content marketing when I watch it, I would say I think companies who genuinely use their voice and their reach to benefit society are companies I’d be loyal to. However, if a company uses specific events like a pandemic to further advertise a product/service, I would be more skeptical about the culture as a whole.

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