Marketing Preparation after COVID-19: Hotels

COVID-19 has impacted businesses across the world, and marketing as we know it will never be the same. Some industries have hurt more than others. The hotel industry is a prime example, with many of the industry leaders closing doors indefinitely. Although this post pertains to hotels, other industries can benefit from being active during […]

Content Marketing

With the rise of COVID-19, content marketing is becoming prevalent in today’s world of advertisements. Gone are the days where companies market their products, instead, an increasing amount of companies are using content marketing. What is content marketing? The concept of content marketing revolves around the idea of not pitching your products and services. Instead, […]

Influencer Marketing: The Next Gen Marketing Approach

A shift in marketing strategy is taking place before our eyes. As a new generation of consumers is entering the workforce, companies are beginning to adopt new marketing methods. After the internet revolution, businesses can better market their products through multiple avenues all over the world. However, this is both costly and sometimes never reaches […]