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B2B Storytelling

Referencing our most recent blog, influencer marketing is an effective tool for B2B sellers in earning trust and credibility. Another way B2B companies can establish trust is through storytelling.

Storytelling humanizes a brand and is a great way to emotionally convey a message to the target audience. Generally, more people feel inclined to purchase a good or service when they have an emotional connection with a brand. Although this may be more evident for B2C brands, storytelling is equally important for B2B brands. According to, B2B buyers have a 50% chance of conversion when they connect with the brand emotionally.

IBM may be a company that comes to mind when thinking of a brand that has embedded storytelling in its corporation for decades. IBM was one of the first companies that discovered how powerful storytelling is and how it can be a valuable approach to humanizing a company. For example, this IBM advertisement from over 20 years ago still exemplifies a powerful example of storytelling.

This TV spot calls to attention the American education system and highlights IBM’s endeavor to enhance student learning across the country. The audience of the advertisement likely feels drawn in by IBM’s solution to real-world challenges. A great story will be about the things that matter to your buyer personas.

How can B2B Companies tell a Story?

One reason storytelling is less common in B2B environments is that it is more challenging to engage an audience emotionally when you are selling complex business solutions instead of flashy products to consumers. So how can you frame your brand’s story in the most effective way? B2B companies should be aware of these three essential elements in telling a powerful story.


A brand should be very well aware and immersed in the customers underlying pain points. This is critical for not only captivating the customer in the first few seconds, but their challenges will also guide the B2B story. Having a good understanding of the customer’s challenges will also enable a brand to present its issues in a creative and attention-grabbing manner.


Once you communicate that you understand the customer’s challenges, it is time to lay out how your product/service is helping resolve their conflict. This is where your brand becomes the hero in the customer's eyes.


It is important to establish some credibility in the story as well. Brands should describe how they have provided value and impacted people’s lives for good. If available, it is effective to provide any statistical examples to further establish credibility.