Global Marketing

B2B Buyer Preferences

In the B2B world, you will very likely deal with a smaller pool of customers than your B2C counterparts.  This places a stronger emphasis on long-term customer relationships.  To create the best relationship, it is crucial to understand and adapt to your customer's preferences. 

Communication has largely transitioned from being in person to being digital.  While we are getting used to this method, studies have shown that B2B buyers may prefer in person communication.  B2B buyers may place orders in the millions of dollars, and often require special requirements for their order.

Only 4% of B2B buyers prefer pure digital communication. Conversely, 76% of B2B buyers prefer to have someone available in person or over the phone when purchasing a completely new product or service.  

While the statistics above show a heavy preference to offer in person or phone calls with B2B buyers, it is important to note that B2B buyers also prefer a balance between in-person and digital contact.  Make it easy for your customer to do both when convenient for them.