Global marketing strategy of BMW

The world has continued efforts to globalize the market. Global players, including BMW, a prominent automaker from Germany, are vigorously articulating marketing strategies to create value that better serves customer needs. In order to create a successful marketing plan, managers must configure the varying aspects of the marketing mix and identify precise market segmentation to […]

Haier’s Overseas Market

  In the late 1990s, Haier Group entered “Internationalization Strategy Stage”, in an effort to tap into overseas markets. Unlike some Chinese enterprises pursuing short-term gains as international manufacturing factories in overseas markets, Haier, since the beginning of its international expansion, has formulated a “Brand Building” strategy with a commitment to offering the product quality, […]

Coca Cola’s marketing strategy in China

Marketing is vital for Coke to maintain its competitiveness. Marketing and advertising are designed to make customers brand loyal while nourishes consumer awareness. This helps with maintaining the long-term growth. With regard to Coke’s localization strategy, Coke made sure that its Chinese name had an appropriate meaning along with sounding like Coca-Cola. It has created […]

What future challenges does YUM face in China?

Yum, which known as the parent company of restaurant chains, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Since they opened the first KFC restaurant in Beijing in 1987, nowadays they become one of the most successful Western restaurant groups in China. However, Yum still faces some challenges. Many analysts believe that they have to […]

What is the Secret to McDonald’s Global Branding Success?

With a product that’s served in over 117 countries, feeding millions of customers every day, McDonald’s branding success is undeniable. The key to McDonald’s branding and marketing success is segmentation and experimentation. Segmentation McDonald’s main focus is the US, where they spend most of their budget and trial more new products and innovations. The American […]

The Strategies of Alibaba Group

Alibaba focused on the dominant wholesale trading market since it was established. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, developed the company rapidly through financing capital with his advanced concept. When the development of company was blocked, he took a risk to invest heavily in YAHOO China to open market and boost popularity. As the captain […]


The company was formed in the context of the chinese economic reform of the 1980s (Fannin, 2013), which brought about an economic zone in shenzhen and a wave of companies that sustain the country’s economic advances, turning china into what it has been since 2014, a leading nation in economic terms. in this period, the […]

Starbucks in China (2/2)

Some weaknesses Firstly, the efficiency of organizational structure is not sufficient. For any enterprise, it is a challenge to manage so many stores uniformly and efficiently in China. Moreover, Starbucks relied on getting the original agent to unify and integrate the Starbucks stores in the Chinese market. At present, Starbucks still does not achieve 100% […]